Commercial Energy Auditor Training

Businesses and property managers today are seeking ways to reduce energy cost, increase building performance and add savings to the bottom line. As a NEASI certified Commercial Energy Auditor you will have the knowledge and confidence to identify energy saving opportunities within the systems of the building. Our training teaches you the essentials in lighting upgrades, building envelope improvements, and HVAC/Refrigeration upgrades.
This course is packed with 40 hours of training to give you the tools to become a Commercial Energy Professional. This intense course includes class lecture, hands on field training and practical exercises giving you a positive and information packed training experience.

Why take Commercial Energy Auditor Training?

The current economic climate is causing building owners and businesses both large and small to reduce cost. Commercial offices, retail, warehouses, grocery stores, small shops, and apartments building owners are looking for guidance and recommendation to achieve thier energy goals. Our course teaches you how to evaluate and make these energy saving recommendations. In addition, this certification can enhance your marketability to your employers, provide you with an edge in a competitive job market or can be a value added service to your existing business.

Ideal Commercial Energy AuditorTraining Candidates Would Be:

Building Facility Managers
Construction Managers
Government facility Managers
General Contractors
Utility Managers and Field Representitives
HVAC Contractors
Property Managers
Insulation Contrators
Residential Energy Auditors
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