Energy Auditor Sales Training lets face it a certification alone is not enough!

One of the most important and yet overlooked components of the energy auditing business is making the sale of energy saving upgrades. Many energy professionals and weatherization contractors rely on the sale of energy upgrades and weatherization. Making money by just providing auditing services is only half of the pie. Getting the audit itself is fairly easy, as its non-threatening to the pocket book of most home and business owners. In fact, many companies do audits for free or a discounted price in order to have a chance at selling energy upgrades;herein lies the problem, making the sale!
In sales, especially in home sales, the biggest deal killer we see time and time again is the auditor who spends 2-3 hours in the home building a relationship and showing the customer all the items that need attention to save them money. And then the auditor leaves to go back to the office to write the report, provide a work scope and cost estimate for the upgrades. This is a HUGE MISTAKE!!!! Let 411 Energy Experts show you and your team how to strike while the iron is HOT! It is a fact that customers will buy more often when the excitement level is elevated and they see the benefits. There is no better time to do this while your in the home for hours showing the customer how professional you are and impressing them with all of your knowledge, tools and recommendations. Why would you leave after all that work with no sale??? i
The question is how can we do this? most, if not all reporting programs make it very difficult, if not impossible, to write a report on the spot let alone give an accurate cost estimate. We have the cure for this but it is up to you to make the call and find out how we can get your team on the successful path to increased sales and more money to your bottom line.

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