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07/08/2015 NEW RULES for confined spaces.
OSHA's Confined Spaces Rule Impacts Home Performance Workers
Click here now for the complete notice
BPI sent out a notice regarding the new rules for Confined Spaces (crawl spces and attics).  These new rules go into effect August 3, 2015. Please be sure to adhere to them.
04/21/2015 Come check out the NEW PRODUCTS section on our main page. We have products to help you in productivity by saving you time and insulated attic ladders with an R-50. 
03/14/2015 We are now on board to offer you Sustainability classes for your company. We can either do it in house or set you up to do it on-line. These are good 101 courses to set you in the right direction to become sustainable. We invite municipalities, cities, companies or anyone that has an interest in learning about Sustainability and what it really means. 
01/20/2015 We are now accepting enrollment for HPP SP, our first class for 2015 is scheduled for February 16. Get your spanish speaking technicians up to speed before the ONCOR season kicks off. 
11/04/2014 411 Energy Experts is now under new ownership. Kim Burnett and Dara Brooks purchased the company. We are looking forward to continue providing quality training for BPI, Building Analyst Professional, Envelope Professional, HPP (Home Performance Professional along with RESNET-HERS training. Please let us know how we can help you.
1/1/2014: 411 Energy Experts is proud to announce the release of its new product website Weep Hole Doctor featuring its new synthetic fiber weep hole designed to keep dust, dirt and bugs from entering the home while still allowing the weep hole to perfrom as designed.
411 Energy Experts is proud to announce it has contracted with the City of Denton Texas to perfom 3rd party energy audits for Denton weatherization program for 2014.
Spanish HPP(Home Performance Professional) has just been approved for release. Now contractors with Spanish speaking crews can get your teams up to speed and fully understand home performance. "This program will take our industry to a new level"; says Kirstin Pawl founder of 411 Energy Experts. Currently no one in the industry offers home performance certifications in Spanish. 411 will be the first here in Texas to do so. Look for an upcoming schedule to be released soon.


"Tight Audit" profitable energy reporting-Coming in November 2012!

Tight Audit will be the next generation of energy audit reporting programs that will increase the potential revenue streams for energy professionals and weatherization contractors forever. Tight Audit allows auditors the opportunity to complete a comprehensive audit, create a report, workscope and estimate all while never leaving the home. The days of going back to the office and a report is a thing of the past. Tight Audit is easy, customizable and can be personalized to fit your business. The sales features were devloped from real life and very successful models used by top energy pros and weatherization contractos. Tight Audit will be affordable too, with monthly fees as low as $19.95 for the basic program. If you would like to be one of the first to get a FREE 30 day trial of Tight Audit then sign up today!

6/25/12: 411 Energy Experts has annouced they will now offer HPP-Home Performance Professional training and certification in Spanish. HPP is approved by and required for installers working in the Oncor HEE & LIW programs. 411 is very proud to be the first in the industry to offer a Spanish energy efficiency certification.
4/18/12: 411 Energy Experts announced today it has been approved by Oncor to train the HPP-Home Performance Professional program. Oncor looking to raise the bar and skill level of its contractor base in the HEE & LIW programs. The HPP training program will also be available in Spanish sometime in late June. 
1/4/2012: BPI has annouced that effective 2/1/2012 it will become ANSI (American National Standards Institute) accredited. This is a huge milestone for BPI and raises the bar up a to a new level for becoming a BPI certified professional. "We are very excited" says, Kirstin Pawl CEO of 411 Energy Experts. " This now allows BPI to focus on accreditdation and create a network of BPI testing centers to ensure only the highest quality candidates become BPI certified professionals." She goes on to say,"We trained and proctored over 200 hundred test of students in 2011 with a passing rate of 99.2% one of the best in the industry. We too are raising the bar by enhancing our training material to be the most comprehensive yet. Candidates training with 411 will have the confidence to go out into the work place and succeed beyond thier expectations" 
1/2/2012: 411 Energy Experts is proud to announce it has partnered with Clean Tech and its parent company Green Careers to offer career training and job placement to successful candidates who complete the 411 training program to become a BPI certified professional.

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Lewisville Chamber of Commerce Community Show

Great turn out at the Lewisville Chamber of Commerce Community Show case Saturday October 23rd. Check out our video clip from the event:

The Cross Timbers Gazette  10/02/2010

411 Energy Experts is featured this month in The Cross Timbers Gazette. Check it out.


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