Cancellation, Testing and Refund Policy

411 Energy Experts reserves the right to cancel or reschedule any home energy auditor training course at any time and for any reason. This includes our BPI certified training, Commercial Energy Auditor, Solar PV training, Solar Thermal Training and CAZ training. 411 Energy experts will always do everything possible to accommodate our students in these situations.

Our policy: if we cancel or reschedule a class you are always entitled to full refund or you may reschedule to another location or date. By enrolling, you agree and understand that 411 Energy Experts cannot guarantee you will pass your energy auditor certification exams.

It is the responsibility of the student to review and study all of the material. In addition to, the policies and standards of BPI (Building Performance Institute) which can be obtained from the BPI website. You understand that it can take up to 6 weeks for BPI to process certifications for successful candidates.

Student Cancellation:

You may cancel at anytime up to 3 weeks prior to your scheduled training and receive a full refund. This includes our BPI certified training, Solar PV & Solar Thermal Training, CAZ training and Commercial Energy Auditor training. Cancellations for live or group training after the 3 week deadline are subject to a $1020.00 plus credit card cancellation fee per student. Students may always reschedule training at any time up to one year from the originally scheduled class with no additional fees. You have up to one year to complete the class, after which you must pay in full for a new class.

Payments & Refunds:

All trainings must be paid in full two weeks before the scheduled training date. If you, the student place a deposit it is your responsibility to ensure your balance is paid in full. Any refunds are paid within 30 days of cancellation. Failure to pay your balance does not guarantee you a spot and training may be subject to cancellation. Any student who pays for and attends training and then disputes the fees or charges on the credit card used to pay for the training regardless of who's credit card it is, is subject to a $400.00 recovery fee plus the training fees and legal cost for recovery if the disputed amount is removed from 411 by the Bank or processing agency with out just cause or proof of such a dispute.There will be no refunds after the date of class start date. All materials and exams are prepurchased. 

Retesting Policy:

If you fail any test the first time you may attend any of our trainings to refresh yourself at no charge. You may take any exam up to 6 times within one year of taking the first test. You are responsible for your travel and related expenses to attended such training and or to do the retesting. Any retesting will require a $325.00 retesting fee for written exams per designation and $695.00 for field exams per designation. Student understand you may be required to seek a testing center to take your exams in the event 411 Energy Experts does not have testing available within the time frame you are seeking.

Unprofessional/ disruptive behavior/ General Items:

411 Energy Experts reserves the right to remove any student from training for unprofessional, disruptive, vulgar or abusive language and/or any behavior the instructor sees as affecting or impairing the other students in training. If you are removed for such behavior you will forfeit 100% of your training fees. BPI requires test centers to video tape both written and field exams to maintain compliance with ANSI standards and therefore your you will be asked to follow the strict testing guidlines setforth by BPI. For written testing you may only use an unmarked up set of your BPI National Standards sheets, a standard calculator (no phone calculators or programable types are allowed). It is the students responsibility to bring a clean copy of the standards for the designation(s) of which you are testing, a standard calculator and a laptop computer with internet accessability to your written test session.

Late arrival or missed training with no notice: All trainings hours are from 9:00 am to 5 pm unless otherwise notified. If you are late to a training or miss training you are fully responsible to review the material that was missed. If you miss any testing during training you are responsible to schedule a re-test with another training and pay a re-testing fee per the retesting policy. You will also be responsible for and cost related to participate in the retesting. Subject to availability of class space and/or test center availability. 
In general all individuals and businesses understands that there are no guarantees, warranties of any kind, written, oral or otherwise that you will pass your test(s) and/or make money because you are certified, or have used any of 411 Energy Experts study material written, oral or otherwise. 411 Energy experts is not responsible for any loss whatsoever from your use of or participation in any of our training, use of material, licensing of material or programs we offer for any reason. Any action brought by anyone who purchased any material from 411 Energy Experts will be subject to mediation governed under the laws of Texas in the county of Dallas. No damages shall exceed the original cost of the training less testing fees paid to BPI, NAESI, IREC or any other accreditdation body.
Third party material: 411 Energy Experts has the right to license material and/or products for resale from third parties. 411 Energy Experts is not responsible in any way for the content, subject matter, certification process, product quality or the delivery of such products or educational material to any student whatsoever.

Cancellation Policy

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