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Dallas, Texas

BPI training and sustainability education is on the rise in Dallas, Texas. Summers in Dallas can get into the triple digit temperatures and winters into single digit. Dallas is known for BBQ, football, baseball and going green too. With new sustainability education programs teaching both business owners and home owners how to reduce those energy bills. Becoming an energy & sustainability professional opens the door helping the many residents of Dallas lower those energy bills and be very rewarding at the same time. 411 Energy Experts is based in Dallas and trains individuals and businesses from Dallas, seeking to understand the benefits of sustainability and energy savings by taking advantage of our national and locally approved programs such as BPI, HERS, HPP, Commercial Energy Auditor, online Sustainability and Solar certifications.

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Dallas BPI Training Lone Star State style!


411 Energy Experts training staff offers live BPI (Building Performance Institute) training, HERS, HPP, Commercial Energy Auditor training both locally and nationwide. We also have  13 online sustainability education programs which are great  for Green jobs available in Dallas; where individuals that are certified and qualified can fill them. 
Our Sustainability Education programs offer a suite of online training modules. Each training provides information and directions for facilitating and developing key sustainability initiatives. These programs deliver practical, hands-on application of topics such as managing waste, water conservation, green cleaning basics, environmental accounting, greening fleets, energy planning and more. The library features high-quality flash/video courses on sustainability strategies and programs, innovation and best practices.

The library is designed for:
• Employees who have the responsibility for the development of their organization's Sustainability Plan. 
• Managers and Supervisors who will be involved in the implementation process. 
• Executives who need to gain additional knowledge and 
• All employees who need to be provided with information on sustainability topics. 
Students who are successful with our BPI training, HPP and HERS programs can qualify for work with the many WAP (Weatherization Assistance Programs)  contractors who are seeking certified professionals just like you. Your BPI training experience in Dallas with 411 will be a real to life experience. 411 Energy Experts trains in an actual home giving our students a real hands BPI training experience using all the equipment and techniques available.New to Energy Efficiency? we've got you covered!If you have little or no construction background then we highly recommend starting off with our HPP (Home Performance Professional) training program. This comprehensive and cost effective 4 day training program is great for those just starting out and will prepare you for your BPI certification training. Remember the new BPI training and certification programs are more intense under the new ANSI guidelines therefore preparation is key for those with little or no experience.Scroll Down for BPI, HPP, HPP-Spanish and CEA class schedules
 If you have any questions regarding any of our training BPI (Building Performance Institute - Building Analysis, Envelope Professional) our HERS - Resnet, HPP (Home Performance Professional) or our on-line Sustainability programs, please feel free to contact us.

Energy Auditor Training Courses in Dallas, TX

Building Analyst & Envelope Certification Training & Testing Combo Package (Best value!)

course info
  3/13/2018 - 3/17/2018$2,995.00Register
  4/17/2018 - 4/21/2018$2,995.00Register
  5/15/2018 - 5/19/2018$2,995.00Register
  6/12/2018 - 6/16/2018$2,995.00Register

Building Analyst Training & Testing

course info
  3/13/2018 - 3/17/2018$2,095.00Register
  4/17/2018 - 4/21/2018$2,095.00Register
  5/15/2018 - 5/19/2018$2,095.00Register
  6/12/2018 - 6/16/2018$2,095.00Register

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